Ejector Sleeve manufacturer

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Ejector Sleeve manufacturer

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Ejector Sleeve for Injection Punch Mold – Manufacturer in China
The ejector sleeve for injection punch mold is the one to eject either an entire finish molded piece part or apply ejection force to some portion of the molded piece part to assist with part ejection.
Hong Yue Mold Fittings stock wide range of the ejector pins for injection mold. The stocked products can be provided in 7 days.
Size of the Ejector sleeve for injection punch mold
ID: 3/32” ~ 3/4”
OD: 3/16” ~ 1”
Head Diameter: 3/8” ~1 1/4”
Head Thickness: 3/16” ~ 1/4”
Length: 3 ~12

Application of the Ejector Sleeve
Injection die molds
Plastic industry
Automotive industry
Medical industry

The reason Ejector Sleeves failure
There are also cases where the ejector sleeve contributes to partial ejection or repositioning of the molded part, or the sleeve functions to “shut off” some feature for multi-shot molding.
These later ejector sleeve applications function principally to support the multi-shot requirement and tend to be challenging as well as uniqueEjector Sleeve manufacturer

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